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Re: What Do You Want To See In Next Star Trek TV Series?

A series set 100 years post-NEM, following a ship called the Loredo Tornado on its 4 year mission, with all the world-building and depth of DS9, but with the exploration and emphasis on sci-fi concepts of TOS/TNG.

A continuous 4 year story arc is weaved through, dealing with the end of the Federation.


Captain - Steve Martin portrays a captain suffering from severe depression and social anxiety disorder. As such, he almost never leaves the ship. An entire episode is dedicated to how horrendous he finds attending a simple social gathering with an alien ambassador. His lack of eye contact is the reason for the third season's massacre of Earth by said race.

First Officer - Sean Bean is a no-nonsense individual... that sadly speaks entirely in nonsense due to a severe condition he contracted in a previous mission.

Security Officer - Eliza Dushku as a sexy centaur woman, with a half-horse body. The First Officer rides her in to battle on occasion.

Ship's Doctor - Penn Jilette portrays a character that is sexually aroused by handshakes, and is found to be abusing the trust of his patients by initiating handshakes as often as possible. He is removed from his position in the middle of the 3rd season, and stranded on a planet where the aliens have no hands, driving him to suicide.


Such stand-alone plotlines include a historical holodeck look back on Peter Gabriel's music career, and a 2-parter about a paedophile dwarf that has infiltrated the ship's school posing as a child.

Dushku's centaur character dies in an away mission and her horse-meat is accidentally used in burgers by the ship's chef, causing the entire crew to be poisoned and experience severe delusions. Series ends with the entire crew shooting eachother due to burger-induced hallucinations, in an ending akin to Blake's 7. Show ends with the ship crashing in to Earth, killing 486,5000 innocent people as Sean Bean sings She's Gone by Steelheart over the picture credits.
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