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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Walt's fake confession was deliciously evil. Poor Hank. He's just not up to par with Walt. However, Jesse might do his work for him, after all. But if that happens, how will Hank fare? The circumstances will make him look bad to the DEA, perhaps even complicit (depending on what they find).

Can someone explain to me, though, how Jesse figured out that Walt was behind the poisoning of Brock by looking at the cigarettes? If I remember correctly, Brock was poisoned by a flower Walt had in his garden, not the ricin from Jesse's cigarettes. I don't quite remember the details of the ricin cigarette storyline.
I was wondering the same thing. I guess it just finally clicked in his head, he put two and two together after staring at the cigarette.

The only thing that might seem out of character for me is Jesse "teaming up" with Hank. I would think that with the time he spent with Mike, Jesse would never talk and would never cooperate with the police. He definitely allowed Hank to get to him. Granted, Jesse allowed his conscious to get to him, but he also fell for the oldest trick in the book. He wouldn't have fell for that with Mike around. So, I don't know if he's going to work with Hank per se, but he's obviously going after Walt in his own, unique, way.

I think it's funny how Saul is still trying to maintain the peace while the shit storm pours down on everyone. He keeps sticking with Walt, presumably out of fear and for the money, but eventually, he's going to have the same choice as Jesse, either disappear or be killed.

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