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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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I still tend to think that Riker, as both the enforcer of the Captains orders and the liaison between the crew and Captain, had been made a part of the loop with Admiral Nachev and Jellico he would have acted differently. He would have told Geordi, to get it done and if Geordi needed more men he would go to Jellico to ask for more men for Engineering. I think he was experienced enough to have had the argument about a captured Picard in private.
In the very beginning of the two-parter Riker seems to be offended that he wasn't given command of the Enterprise in Picard's absence. Or at least that's the way Nechayev interprets Riker's reaction when she breaks the news.

Maybe there was some truth to Nechayev's observation (given that Riker had already officially served as captain of the Enterprise in BOBW somewhat understandable IMO). And maybe Riker's ego was even further bruised when Jellico turned out to be a very hands-on captain who wanted to be kept in the loop over every detail, while Picard seemed to have delegated command decisions over a lot of the ship's routine operations to Riker who then acted more of a "co-captain".

It could be a "As commmander of the Enterprise I saved Earth from the Borg, but now Starfleet (and the new captain) treats me like a junior lieutenant" thing.
During the meeting with the Cardies where it's revealed they've captured Picard, we see why Riker would have been a bad choice to handle the negotiations: His reaction. He's too attached to Picard.
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