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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Star Trek foreign gross jumps ahead of domestic: It was raised from $225.5 million to $231.3 million. This $6 million seems like more than the $2.7 million reported for Japan and the likely sub $1 million opening in Argentina. Domestic gross reached $227.379 million. STID is now just under $458.7 million total.

Japan did 4.3 million from 319 theaters. out of the 4.5 in grossed this weekend from 8 territories.

Star Trek 2009 did 161,000 for its opening in Argentina, and 1.54 million in Japan.

This time we know Japan did 4.3 million (nearly the full amount of its run from Trek 09, which was 5.82 million).

Clearly its going to do more then that. Even with huge drops it seems assured of 10 million. And ok run would put it at 15 million, great holds would put it at 20.

Japan is a curious country, its one of the few countries to not have increases in ticket prices over the years, so you would naturally expect a much smaller increase. Its also a market that US films for the last couple years have under performed, with local films taking a larger share of its total ticket sales. I think its safe to say that Japan can join the majority of Asia as finally getting Trek.

Though its performance in Asia isn't matching the levels a True global blockbuster normally gets, Trek is getting in Asia performance levels equal to Trek best in the US, and places like Great Britain.
I think your 4.3 million number includes a 3-day preview from last week so that's not a weekend estimate. That's closer to a 5 day run.

The 10-12 million that RAMA predicted sounds about right.
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