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Re: Would Q allow humanity or federation to be dstroyed?

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Imagine a scenario where Earth was about to be destroyed and Picard failed to stop it. Let's say the Enterprise, Picard, and the crew were all killed in a failed attempt to stop whatever the threat was. It doesn't matter which scenario, but one of these could be a possibility, just as examples of a hopeless, worst case scenario:

1. In Best of Both Worlds, Riker failed to recapture Picard, and the Borg took over the Earth.

2. Picard and Crew failed to stop the Borg from altering the timeline in First Contact.

3. Shinzon destroyed the Enterprise, sneaked past the USS Galaxy and battle group, made it to Earth, and saturated it with Thalaron radiation.

Or any other scenario where the outcome is the same.

So, given that Q, at least the one we know as Q (John Delancie) has an infatuation with humans in particular, and at least in All Good THings, saved humanity (or more properly, gave Picard the hint that saved humanity), would Q stand by as humanity was snuffed out, or would he intervene?
Considering all the realities where the federation was screwed over I don't think he would save the day.
Q(John Delancie)'s obsession was specifically with the "true" timeline, the other timelines were invalid to him. Also, in "Q-Squared", by Peter David, he directly aids Picard in saving humanity and killing Trelane.

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