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Re: "The Cage" Original Version

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It got Lucassed.
Lucas was hardly the first creator to rework his creation when given the opportunity. Few creators are ever entirely satisfied with the published/released versions of their works. The "finished" work is the end result of a lengthy process of rethinking and revision and trial and error, so why should that process end just because the story's been released to the public? The creator's still going to think of new ideas and improvements and fixes even after it's come out, especiall once there's audience feedback to point out flaws the creator didn't notice before.

So many writers have revised their novels on later re-releases, even rewritten them as completely new novels -- like Arthur C. Clarke reworking Against the Fall of Night into The City and the Stars, or David Gerrold expanding Yesterday's Children into Starhunt and then rebooting it entirely as Voyage of the Star Wolf.
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