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Re: Mirror universe humans - sociopaths and psychopaths

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But the one explicit thing about the Mirror realms is that people are not people. They may look like people, but they behave like monsters or perverts, every single one of them. Well, except perhaps Smiley.

The point of "Parallels" was that everything that can happen, happens. "Confluence" in the Mirror episodes is just a single point, something one can easily achieve with an infinite selection of parallel universes; go back or forth a few decades, and the Mirror universe bears no resemblance to the "main" one again... (But a slightly different Mirror universe will provide another intersection point for another episode.)
I don't think there is a point other than the writers getting bored and saying 'hey let's make everyone play a different character'. If you follow your idea that there are an infinite number of universes with only one or two points of confluence, then how convenient it is that out of the infinity the writers pick one where that rare moment is occurring!
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