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Re: TOS Caption Contest #276: Balance of Captions

Kirk: "Went to the Ross Geller school of tooth bleach, did we?"

Kirk: "Captain's Log: Stardate 3120.4. 430 crewmembers, one toilet, Spock was at the head of the queue after an all night plomeek burrito bender. He's been in there for the last half hour, infrequently screaming 'Occupado, occupado!" I'm next in the queue. Suggest to Starfleet that a full time psychiatric counsellor be assigned to all vessels."

Kirk: "I do not!"
Spock: "Yes you... do. It is most ill... .... logical. I shall now demonstate the Captainly poses you assume with which you radiate awesomeness."
Kirk: "Oh good grief!"

Sulu: "It won't go."
Uhura: "It will."
Sulu: "There's not enough room."
Uhura: "There is enough room. Look..."


"It's in. See?"
Sulu: "I'm not explaining the dent in the nacelles to Mr Scott."

Spock: "There, what do you think?"
Styles: "Where are our clothes?"
Spock: "Artistic license."
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