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Re: Starting Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)

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I really don't know where the show goes from now. Things are pretty wrapped up at this point.
I saw a couple of people saying that sort of thing after the fourth season, with some even suggesting that it should be the series finale and a fifth season would ruin the ending, and I don't understand the sentiment. Breaking Bad wasn't about the conflict between Gus and Walt, Gus was merely an obstacle to overcome so that Walt could become the meth kingpin himself. It was a great season finale, but I feel would have made for a poor series finale.

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Ok, they were talking about Gus dying then. They were talking about somebody dying!
They were talking about Brock, who is alive. That scene revealed that Gus didn't poison Brock, thus Jesse's motive for helping Walt take down Gus was flawed, so Jesse attempted to rationalise his complicity in the crime. It set up the reveal that Walt was actually the one who poisoned Brock to trick Jesse into helping him kill Gus.

It was kinda an important scene.
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