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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

I'm joining in late here but....Garrett Wang was chosen to be fired because of his behavior, constantly being late and such. He was even suspended for a few episodes. But popularity saved him

As for Lien leaving the show, she had a 3 year contract, after season 3 it was up and not renewed. She wasn't upset about it and she moved on with her life
In an article appearing in [COLOR=#ba0000]Star Trek: Communicator issue 134[/COLOR], Lien recalled, " was on for a few seasons, then they asked me to leave. They decided not to renew my contract. I didn't ask why I was not being renewed, I just said 'okay' and moved on."

Jeri Taylor admitted, "These things are never cut-and-dried. It's never one thing. I think Jennifer had a wish to move on, and that coincided with some thinking here. There has not been any rancor or unpleasantness about it [....] I know she will go on to a wonderful career [...] and I will miss her very much." (Cinefantastique, Vol. 29, No. 6/7, p. 113) Taylor also said, "It was a mutual feeling [....] [Jennifer Lien] just felt her character wasn't going anywhere, so it was a very amicable and mutual decision." (Star Trek Monthly issue 31, pp. 4 & 13)
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