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Re: So is [SPOILER] really a copy?

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I actually enjoyed STID for the most part, but Kirk's death scene being a blatant remake of Spock's is one thing I really can't stand. That entire scene just pulled me out of the movie completely, had me thinking "Seriously? We're doing this?" Hell, I know a guy in RL who practically is an Abrams gusher who feels that scene ruined the movie completely.

The scene lacks any kind of real emotional resonance because it leave the fans thinking of the far superior version of the scene they've already seen. And really, taking one of Trek's most memorable scenes and watering it down for cheap dramatic value, how low is that?

I generally agree with this. It threw me out of the movie as well. It was a blatant rip-off of the TWOK scene. Sure you can change the dialouge a bit reverse the roles, but it at it's core it was the same scene. Just not done as well of course others might have different opinions.
I'm reminded of the joke I made when I first saw the movie, that the scene in STID had everything from TWOK except the elderly Chinese guy. And you have no idea how much I was expecting to see Spock bump into an elderly Chinese guy when he ran into the engine room. It was almost like seeing the Enterprise reveal in XI, where I kept looking around the corners of the screen trying to find a backwards-flipping spaceman.
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