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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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I really don't think anyone needs to find more of a reason to speculate. It's just for fun after all, nobody's going to change canon with this idea.
I wasn't aware that "canon" had established the origins of the Oberth Class beyond doubt.

You're right it hasn't and nothing we discuss here will alter that state of affairs, which was exactly my point.

As for the FJ stuff, I'd say it took anything BUT effort to include those diagrams. On the contrary it was certainly much easier and quicker to use those existent materials than produce something new. After all, it's just back-chatter and set dressing, it's not like people will be scrutinizing such trivial details for the next 30 years...right?

Seriously though, while I do think the Grissom's reg was inspired by FJ's system, it was probably only because it was the only published reference source around at the time and IIRC at that point GR hadn't disavowed it yet. That's the nature of retcons though. Things are done a certain way because they made sense at the time but then something else is done later that (mostly unwittingly) contradicts it so a new explanation is needed. That is to say "needed" by those who care about trivialities.
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