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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

gerbil wrote: View Post
I love that we're arguing based on a design that's clearly either nonsensical or designed poorly in the first place. The placement of the turbolift on the bridge is ridiculous. Either the bridge is at a 30 degree angle to the front of the ship or the model is inconsistent with the set. Based on what we see later in the movies, it's obviously the latter.
The model is different and the bridge module completely changed, so what's nonsensical is assuming that both bridges are facing the same direction, wouldn't you say ?

WarpFactorZ wrote: View Post
Has nothing to do with JJ. Don't put words in my mouth.

It has to do with the fact that people are making shit up to justify a dumb scene.
One of the important aspects of enjoying fiction is giving a pass to things like that when possible. Otherwise most of it is crap. If you start nitpicking, even the best movies are horrible. Ad as Crazy Eddie said, we're much more likely to nitpick movies we already don't like, so I'd say we're kidding ourselves when we pretend that those nitpicks are the reason we don't like it.

No, you're all missing the point. There's a difference between speculative science (e.g. transporters, warp drive, replicators, etc...) and BAD SCIENCE (falling down inside a ship accelerating toward the Earth).
Transporters are probably bad science.

I didn't waste my time with that crap.
Speaking of crap, in Trek the inertial dampeners always work fine when the ship is accelerating at demented rates, but entirely off when they're getting shot at.

One could argue that a warp core breach on a giant starship (huge matter-antimatter explosion) is orders or magnitude above several torpedoes detonating...
Don't try to defend that scene !
And that's my opinion.
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