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Re: TNG re-released on DVD

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The figures seem to show BD is gaining ground, or maybe just DVD continues to erode.
The second one I believe is the case, the US is a bit ahead of the UK in killing off physical media, so with a lot of people replacing DVD purchases with streaming services and downloads, probably emphasizing Blu Ray when advertising a bit of physical media makes sense.

Anecdotally, very few people I know have a BD player, nor do they care. I don't even bother to proselytize any more.
Same here, Blu has settled into being a niche format, albeit a popular one, but will never approach DVD at it's peak. The catalogue releases are slowing right down now, and while I'd expect to see a Blu release for most new films for the forseeable future, anyone who has not jumped to Blu yet probably won't.

Both formats will probably die out in ten years or so.
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