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Re: Whee are the aliens?

First, the Fermi Paradox, as well as the Drake equation, is full of shit.

Any statistical number they give you for the chance of life in the universe is wrong. Why? Because we don't know anything. Therefore we can't make any valid assumption as to how rare life in the galaxy or the universe is. Life on Earth is depending on so many variables. Our orbit around the sun. The fact that we have only a single moon at exactly the right size and rotational velocity. The fact that there is a gas giant out there protecting us from most incoming debris. The magnetic field produced by the iron core of our planet. The idea that we MIGHT be in a habitable zone of the galaxy.

Who knows, maybe all this is a specific constellation that you can only find ONCE in the entire universe. We cannot say.

You have a room full of boxes. Billions of billions of boxes. ALL boxes look different from each other. And you opened one single box and it contains a teddy bear. What are the chances that there is another box that contains a teddy bear? You cannot say. It is impossible to know. You don't know why the teddy bear is in that specific box, so you don't know what specifications other boxes need to fulfill.
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