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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Why the fuck does this have to become a discussion of EVERYTHING Trek has done wrong? This thread has become about that one scene in STiD. Let's focus, people.
This thread was a discussion about the size of the NuEnterprise, when you lost the size argument you started picking holes in the science (or lack thereof) used in the reboot films as if its something special or new to Star Trek as a whole which it isn't, Star Trek is science fiction after all its not meant to be taken seriously.

You should not be surprised that other forum members then gave you examples of the same problems in all of the Star Trek media that has ever been made including TOS which is just as big an offender as the rest.

The "Lets focus people" comment is a bit rich coming from you as every time you lose the argument you say it doesn't matter and try to tell everyone to move on, as if you run this board and it never mattered to you in the first place.

Everyone on this board has been very patient and reasonable and has provided evidence and arguments to back up the fact that the NuEnterprise is 725m long even though they don't need to as the size has been officially confirmed from multiple sources, I cant do that with you WarpfactorZ, I just cant take you seriously as some of the statements you come out with make me laugh too much.
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