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Re: So is [SPOILER] really a copy?

If the climax of your film consists of a rip off of a previous film's climax, you have a problem.

And then the scene is on so many levels inferior to the original. Kirk's reaction to Bones' call, the intercut of the themes birth and death when he runs through the corridors, the score, and then the acting. Shatner's simple, low key "No..." at the end is impressive. No completely out of place KHAAAAN screaming. It really makes no sense in STD, it absolutely doesn't.

The scene in STD feels like a bunch of fanboys with lots of money trying hard.

I'm sure that if you showed both scenes to an unbiased group of people, they would pick the scene in TWOK over STD.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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