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Re: Matt Jefferies, creating a world...

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Part of MJ's genius when designing the Enterprise was the "Hornblower effect" -- evoking subtle impressions of an 18th-century sailing vessel on a spacecraft from hundreds of years in the future.
Absolutely! Although I'm still in the dark whether Doug Drexler's Star Trek Posterbook article, where "Hornblower Effect" popped up, was an actual Jefferies quote or a personal conclusion of Mr. Drexler (apparently he did interview him at some time when he asked Jefferies about the location of engineering...).

We also have the obvious sailing vessel allusions in the TOS briefing room (support beams) and in the early "Deck 12" location of Kirk's cabin with windows ("Mudd's Women", "The Enemy Within").

What never ceases to amaze me is how Walter Matt Jefferies, despite his strong background in aviation, combined aviatic and maritime elements into something completely new and different.


P.S. Nice stern shot of HMS Rose, redressed as Jack Aubrey's HMS Surprise (in San Diego).
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