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Re: The Ashes 2013

In some ways it seems bizarre that we lost the series so comprehensively given that Bell was the only one of England's batsmen to play with any consistency across the series and that Anderson really only had a major impact on one Test. I reckon those facts say more about how ordinary we were than anything else, but no sane person could argue that England didn't deserve that result. We had some good sessions but they won all the "big" moments in the series.

Hopefully Cook, Trott et al don't get going over here or it could be another nightmare in a few months' time.

I'd like to believe we'll be more competitive on our own turf but frankly the issues in Australian cricket aren't going to go away within several years, never mind a few months. This article contains a few rather peculiar assertions about Australian sport but the author's assessment of the problems facing cricket in this country are pretty much dead-on.

Until hostilities (which seems an accurate word to use; there doesn't appear to be much love lost between these sides) recommence...
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