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Re: Endgame and the Unicomplex (spoilers)

Hoshi, the answer to your question is: Sela Yar.


Had KJ appeared on scene 6 days earlier, then Joe wouldn't be breathing dirt.

Maybe 8 days?

9 at a stretch.

The Destruction of the Unicomplex and accompanying regicide did not require Voyagers participation in the slightest.

If the Admiral killed the Queen, and the Borg fell to pieces a week before Janeway found the Hub, wouldn't the crew have been able to do wonders after they found the powered down hub and dozens of out of comission Cubes in that Nebula?

Although dealing with the hub and whatever junkyard doglike parasitic power resided near by thinking they could salvage the Hub since it's literally legal fricking Salvage after the Borg had all died, wouldn't that have been a pefect bookend for what happened with Caretakers Array?


Although they couldn't call the Hub an Array.

Say this word out loud and try not to smirk... Borgarray.

Doesn't it sound almost like Buggery?

For years we've been saying that there was criminaly no pink agenda on Voayger, and this just goes one step further proving that the producers were deathly affraid of introducing the audience to a familiarity with Borgarray.
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