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Re: Star Trek etymology

I was thinking on European etymology is mostly based on latin.
Chinese characters also have etymology:
木 tree + 木 tree = 林 forest
口 mouth + 犬 dog = 吠 to bark
氵 water + 工 work = 江 river
火 fire + 火 fire = 炎 flame
火 fire + 工 work = 灴 to bake
金 metal, gold + 戔 small piece = 錢 coin
言 word, to say + 十 ten = 計 to count
小 small + 土 earth = 尘 dust
日 sun, day + 生 born = 星 star
十 ten + 口 mouth (in sense generations) = 古 ancient
目 eye + 儿 person (originally pictograph of legs) = 見 to see
儿 person (using) + 火 fire = 光 light
日 sun, day + 月 moon = 明 bright
音 sound + 心 heart, mind = 意 to think
日 sun, day + 一 (horizon) = 旦 dawn

Look at zhongwen:

Names have also etymology:
Tutankhamon twt -statue + ankh -life + amon -hidden, name of god (statue of the life of Amon)
Rameses ra -sun + meses -born (Ancient Egyptian)
Singapore सिंह (simha) -lion + पुर (pura) -city, fortress (Sanskrit)
Australia L. australis -southern
Dublin dub -black + linn -pond (Old Irish)
Florida L. floridus -blooming, flowery from flos, floris -flower
Colorado Sp. colorado -colored, red
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