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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Why the fuck does this have to become a discussion of EVERYTHING Trek has done wrong? This thread has become about that one scene in STiD. Let's focus, people.
I think the reason it became that way is because of the following two quotes (emphasis mine):

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No, if the ship was tumbling, they would feel centrifugal forces away from the center of rotation. People wouldn't be "falling" all in the same direction (i.e. toward Earth).

Don't bother defending the scene. It was completely absurd.
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Has nothing to do with JJ. Don't put words in my mouth.

It has to do with the fact that people are making shit up to justify a dumb scene.
When discussion was already in progress, the fans trying to justify the supposed incongruities were accused of "making sh*t up" and that they shouldn't "bother defending the scene". How can anyone discuss the scene if they are accused of making stuff up or if they are told they shouldn't bother?

Of course, those accused would be inclined to point out that as fans have been making stuff up to defend inconsistencies in Star Trek since the beginning of TOS (especially since TOS, since it seems to be the only one you regard as scientifically competent), why should they stop now?

That is where the topic went off into everything wrong with Trek, because if any discussion is to be made, it should be acknowledged that there have always been things wrong with Trek, and fans will always find ways to justify them, regardless of whether it's TOS, TNG or the Reboots.
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