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Re: Star Trek Voyager: Protectors by Kirsten Beyer, Jan 2014!

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Great interview. Looks really likely there will be at least two follow ups to Protectors! And it was great to finally see Kirsten's picture after being a fan for years.
I liked the fact that she said the next book would cover more ground than the previous books, time wise. I love the series, but at three years behind the rest of the 24th century, i don't want to see another DS9 situation crop up. Can't wait for all three books and hopefully more in the future
That's one thing I'm starting to dislike with the books since Marco Palmieri left. Lets do two or three books in this year and now we'll jump ahead 5 or 10 years and do two or three more books and then jump ahead some more.
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That's something I hate too. I enjoyed the pace the original DS9 Relaunch was going at.
Me too, I definitely preferred it when the books were closer together.
Although the jumps haven't been that bad. I believe most of the books have only jumped ahead about a year. The only big jumps of multiple years have been DS9 and NF. If they were actually jumping ahead that far we'd be well into the 25th century by now.
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