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Re: I just started watching 'Twin Peaks' and I'm hooked.

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finished. We can all try to delude ourselves that there was some meaning in that final scene but, ultimately, it was the set up for a third season that never occurred and nothing more. And to make matters worse, when Lynch had the chance to finish it with the movie, instead he made a damn prequel.

It's as if George Lucas got bored after ESB and jumped right to the Phantom Menace instead of RotJ.
There hasn't been a decent SW movie since EMPIRE, so I'm not seeing the distinction here. better ship stuff in JEDI, but more fuzzies too.

Back on topic, Lynch did NOT have the chance to do the movie as planned. Everything I ever read about the movie indicates that the whole proposed film changed entirely because Kyle did not want to be in it or tie himself up for any period of time, and so this was what they came up with as a stop-gap, hoping to do more films if this first cheapie (6.5 mil, and still didn't make a profit, supposedly) was successful. I'm pretty sure a lot of this got discussed in CINEFANTASTIQUE before the movie came out, so it isn't just stuff from WRAPPED IN PLASTIC.

The movie really messed me up. Movies don't get to me that way. Yeah, I cry when Bronson dies at the end of Magnificent 7, but I mean I don't get shook up by horror type stuff. Yet when I was driving home after FWWM, I had to pull off the road because I just started shaking. I think the music from the bar scene somehow got under my skin and started resonating or something.
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