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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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However, starting in 1994, Rick Berman was put in charge of both movies and television, and I wonder if he brought a television sensibility (the "sausage factory" approach to working out a story) to the movie series.
I could certainly see that. It would indeed be interesting to have seen what would happened if they had more separation.

I think this actually dovetails nicely with the discussion about ENT and it's undoing by the network suits who just wanted to keep doing what was working previously. I think we started to see this mentality with the TNG movies first, and the UPN shows shortly thereafter.

You can see the corporate suits "logic" about the TNG movies:

The Trek movies were a cash cow.
TNG has become a well respected show and a cash cow in its own right.
So of course in corporate-land taking the successful TNG production + Trek movies must equal major cash cow, right?

Of course it did take a TV person (Harve Bennett) to help the TOS movies, so there is some precedent in the Trek movies that having a TV person as producer might be beneficial.

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