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Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

Since even the fans of Big Brother are getting tired of this season of Big Brother, and it's better cast, better edited, more badass cousin Survivor is starting back up in three weeks, I thought I'd start the thread.

The cast isn't exactly what I heard it would be, here's what they're now saying it is:

Tyson + Girlfriend

His first season he was the asshole, but in Heroes vs Villians he was more likable up until the time he didn't split the vote for no good reason and then got voted out, so I'm glad to see him.

Tina + daughter

Once the winner once the first eliminated. I like her but don't see her lasting long. She was what, early 40s the first time she played? And even then she was bad at challenges. She's mid-50s now.


I don't want to see either of these people damn it. She was one of the whiners and he was one of the self righteous a-holes.

Rupert + wife

Always fun to see Rupert though he's already played 3 times and might have been better to give somebody else their second chance.

Gervase + niece

It'll be weird to see him since he hasn't played since the first season. If he was part of any other season I think he would have had a shot, because in any season except the first the Tagi alliance wouldn't have gotten away with that. It'll be interesting to see how he adjusts to not having a physical game.

Colton + fiance

WHY?!!?!?!?!?! Next to Brandon the worst human being ever cast on Survivor and we have to see him again.

Aras + brother

Definitely liked him in his season.

Monica + husband

She's one of the ones who could have gotten farther if it weren't for ending up on the bad side of a tribe switch, so I'm happy to see her get a second chance.

Laura + daughter

Gotta admit, don't remember who she is.

Candice + husband

I don't remember her first appearance, kinda liked her in HvV. She's pretty likable but doesn't do much in the game.
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