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Re: Making a Star Trek series that fits in with today's TV landscape

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Which of course, doesn't really matter as far as ratings go. While critical praise and spotlighting in a few magazines are nice, networks tend to look at how many people are actually watching their shows. In that regard, the serialized format is definitely not the only way to go since episodic shows are still very popular with today's audiences. In fact, there is no indication whatsoever that they've ever stopped being very popular.

I would say how much people care about a show is equal to how many people tune in to see it each week. In that capacity, you're going have to flip that statement around.
Except NCIS and Law Order are on networks that every one gets, while Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are on cable channels that not everyone gets, of course the ratings are not the same.

Besides what is the likely of Star Trek showing up on network TV rather then cable TV at this point, it seems cable TV is better able to serve niche programming then network programming does and right now sci fi programming is niche.

Plus there have been several times in recent months where cable TV have gotten more ratings then network TV.

I really think making a Star trek series that is purely episodic would be a step backwards at this point.

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Maybe we shouldn't be looking for Trek that "fits in". In 1966 and 1987 the thing that defined Trek was that it was different from pretty much everything else that was on.
But it should be relevant, not feel like some throw back to a show from the 60s or 80s. Voyager didn't feel very unique because it often felt like a TNG clone and come across as a show that didn't fit with more modern shows in the 90s.
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