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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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I finally have long awaited news from Japan!

Star Trek into Darkness has opened in second place with $2.7m dollars.

Based on other movies in Japan in 2013 that opening will mean STID will make approximately $10m overall, ST09 made $1.5m OW and $6m total. Obviously my guestimate of $10m could be way off at this point.


Those are not actual numbers, they are an estimate of what is expected to happen (thus the title "weekend Forecast"). Japan as yet to release their numbers for the full weekend, though studios do know what the results are.

So you will see individual film results, you wont see a full chart of all the releases yet from Japan.

Flake, you also state:
"Maybe just maybe this is an update before the Japan money? If so there is a real chance of $470m. Reason I mention this is because I always thought BOM updated the international grosses on Tuesdays."

Actually BOM have been reporting Foreign grosses almost all of this year on Sunday, when those numbers are provided by the studios. For Trek, for example, all but one weekend has been reported of its overseas gross and updated on BOM by Sunday.

Now what is true is that BOM updates individual market results on Tuesday (which gives a look at the overall market from each country) and that has traditionally been when overseas results have been added, but every since BOM was bought out, we have seen more updates on Sunday, for the films when the data is out there.

So in Short (oops to late) most weeks for major films BOM will have Sunday updates for overseas results. But it you want to see how that film did against other films in that same market you will need (either local results) or read the report that will be posted, for many, but not all put out on Tuesday.

And no that number isn't going to increase 2.7 for Tuesday, for reasons easily apparent at the start of this post.
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