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Re: Starting Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)

Fourth Season was definitely the best. There was a time there when I just kinda had it on, not really paying attention to it, but now I find myself actually sitting there and watching the episodes. Good stuff.

Gus had an amazing death scene. I assumed Walt was going to show up and shoot them. I didn't expect the old man to kamikaze himself with a car bomb! And then Gus walks out looking perfectly fine, then he turns around and half his face is missing! That was so gruesome and looked great! Wow!

I really don't know where the show goes from now. Things are pretty wrapped up at this point. Maybe it's about the DEA and Hank learning the truth about Walt. No spoilers!

I'm very sad to see Gus and Mike dead as they were my favorite characters. We'll have to see what next season has in store!
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