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Well therein lies the problem, I have no idea how much Star Trek you have seen but if it is just the reboot only then you are missing the point here.
I'm going to guess that I've been a fan probably for longer than you've been alive, through every incarnation of ST. I gave up on DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise through fatigue (and real life taking over). The episodes of TOS were at least written by competent sci-fi authors, and had a mild modicum of veracity.

The problem with ST09 and STiD is that they were written by hacks who had no understanding of simple science. I'm willing to forgive some of it in the interests of mindless entertainment (e.g. Lost), but I really expect a feature film to hire some science advisors.
That's a rather condescending attitude. My favorite series is TOS, yet I'll be among the first to admit that TOS is among the worst Trek series when it came to internal consistency and science. And the best part is I LOVED THAT about it. It focused more on telling interesting stories than making sense, because TOS knew it was an adventure show, not a science commentary. That's why they hired the sci-fi writers not because they were good in science, but because they could write good sci-fi, and even then, it did not make up the majority of the TOS episodes.

What's probably the most popular TOS episode? The Trouble with Tribbles. Nothing deep science-wise there. Completely ridiculous, in fact. Yet, a tremendously fun episode to watch and my personal favorite.

Or how about the numerous times when the Enterprise finds alien civilizations that look so suspiciously like Earth's cultures? Bread and Circuses? Miri? A Piece of the Action? In Miri, neither the narrative nor the characters bothered to remark on how this planet could resemble Earth down to the tiniest minutiae, and it turned out to be insignificant except to make a statement about humanity. It IS ridiculous that such a significant finding is tossed aside considering they're on a scientific exploration, but the audience doesn't care.

In fact, the average TOS monster of the week is ridiculous on so many levels, and I wouldn't have it any other way! The gigantic (and spinning!) Fesarius cube in The Corbomite Maneuver being a mere few meters away from the Enterprise yet somehow avoiding colliding with it? The amoeba monster in The Immunity Syndrome that was so ridiculous that my biology teacher used it as an example to teach about the implausibility of bacteria sizes years ago?

TOS, and Star Trek, has never been about the science (well maybe it became a bit more about the science in TNG), it was always about a group of people going on fantastic adventures together.
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