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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

It occurs to me that pretty much all of the TOS movies tried to do something special that made them more than just a typical TV episode brought to the screen:

TMP brought back the original crew and threatened Earth itself!
TWOK killed off Spock! And gave Kirk a son!
TSFS blew up the Enterprise! And brought Spock back to life!
TVH: The end of the trilogy! And a brand new Enterprise!
TFF: Er, did we mention that Spock has a brother?
TUC: The final voyage of the original crew--and a new era of peace with the Klingons.

To be fair, the TNG movies started out with the same approach:

GEN: Picard meets Kirk! The Enterprise is destroyed!
FC: Picard vs. Borg, the big rematch! Meet the Borg Queen! And, hey, First Contact with the Vulcans!
INS: Er, these aliens we've never heard about before are getting a raw deal from Starfleet, and they're really nice and peaceful and enlightened and all . . . .

See what I mean? Nothing that particularly cries out for exclamation points on that last one.

Later on, NEM was at least trying to think big: Picard's clone! Remans! Riker and Troi get married! Data dies . . . sorta.

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