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Re: I just started watching 'Twin Peaks' and I'm hooked.

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It's not so much Tarantino's opinion that bothered me, it's the asinine way he expressed it. Especially since he makes self indulgent films himself, one could say the exact same thing about him, that he's so far up his own ass lately...etc.
I... like self-indulgence in art. I love paintings that were made just to satisfy the painter, films that were made without thought of the mass audience, and rock albums that contain 45 minute long songs about mental illness.

The less self-indulgent something is for me, the less pure it seems. Some of my absolute favourite modern films, such as Southland Tales and Sucker Punch are totally self-indulgent. I'm working on a novel right now whilst giving zero thought to my target audience or how to fully satisfy them. I feel no shame in this.

The more people a piece of work tries to please, the more diluted it has to become, and the more compromises it has to make.

My two pence.
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