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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Well therein lies the problem, I have no idea how much Star Trek you have seen but if it is just the reboot only then you are missing the point here.
I'm going to guess that I've been a fan probably for longer than you've been alive, through every incarnation of ST. I gave up on DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise through fatigue (and real life taking over). The episodes of TOS were at least written by competent sci-fi authors, and had a mild modicum of veracity.

The problem with ST09 and STiD is that they were written by hacks who had no understanding of simple science. I'm willing to forgive some of it in the interests of mindless entertainment (e.g. Lost), but I really expect a feature film to hire some science advisors.
Science advisors don't automatically make either a more scientifically accurate film or better film. Film is a visual medium and "This looks cool, let's do this" will always win over any a science advisor has to say.

As for TOS: I love TOS, but science wise, it's about on par with later day Trek and the reboot films. Looks cool wins over accurate. Hell, apply real science and there's no way for Spock to be alive.
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