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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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The damaged portion of the saucer is right into the impulse deck, maybe the engines can't fully disengage and are pushing slightly?
Actually, I'd have to look. But if they're burning she's flying.
They're fired up and fully red the entire time, her drive is online but badly damaged, it could be misfiring.
Just watched: Yeppers, they're lit. So there's some pressure right there.

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Generations: The shockwave from the stardrive section explosion pushes the saucer into crashing into the planet. Same reason can be used from the massive explosion of mega-trops on the Vengeance.
One could argue that a warp core breach on a giant starship (huge matter-antimatter explosion) is orders or magnitude above several torpedoes detonating... and they'd probably be correct. The radiation pressure from the former would be much greater.

But in the end: Generations was shit writing. So there you go. I also hate Generations. Can you get off my back now?
So when you call "bullshit" on something that every other show and movie in the franchise is guilty off, we're just to let it pass without comment? So, at the least, STID is no worse than Generations.
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