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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Exactly!, the film has the Enterprise randomly decompressing from the damage, moving debris hitting itself all around, Vengeance pummeling her etc, all sorts of imparted momentum.
I suggest you read up on momentum, work, and impulse (google them), and then reconsider your argument.

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Where was your evolved scientific reasoning then?!

The line must be drawn here.

I didn't waste my time with that crap.
Well therein lies the problem, I have no idea how much Star Trek you have seen but if it is just the reboot only then you are missing the point here. Star Trek is littered with such inaccuracies and has no problem ignoring science if it means a more entertaining episode/movie, its just explained away with technobabble - something mostly absent from STID.

Can't transport matter because of the heisenberg uncertainty principle? Easy! Just install a heisenberg compensator!
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