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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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The Enterprise is 267,000km from Earth when she drops out of warp, the moon is 384,405km away. The Enterprise is 117,405km closer to the Earth. The pull is stronger.

Don't claim shit science when you didn't even take 10 seconds to find that out.
And we know from TNG, venting atmosphere will kick a massive ship into moving at a pretty good clip, even if stationary.

And we know from STIII that starships moving at impulse speeds will coast to a stop with comical sound effects when the energy pulls the sparkplugs. Or in STV dropping a photo torpedo onto a massive alien life form will have zero side effects to anyone standing mere meters away; and said alien will survive an antimatter warhead but lower power phasers will smoke that bastard with ease.

Shit Science = Trek Science = Norm.
Exactly!, the film has the Enterprise randomly decompressing from the damage, moving debris hitting itself all around, Vengeance pummeling her etc, all sorts of imparted momentum.
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