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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

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I think the TNG footage I've seen looks fantastic, although in TNG's case they are actually recreating the show, whereas TOS was simply transferred in HD. That satisfies a purist like me, though I know it wasn't possible for TNG.
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Does anyone know if they created the remastered episodes from the original 35mm? or from the DVDs produced in 1999 or 2004?
They went back to the 35mm film masters and made new tranfers.

I'm thinking that both the 1999 and 2004 versions have pieces cut out to fit in an hour broadcast but I don't really know. I would like to get the most complete version of TOS that I can.
Nope, they were not cut for the bluray. There were, however, things added to the show for the DVDs (annoying little additions like the ship engine rumble, which was not present in most episodes originally) that were, unfortunately, retained for the bluray. If you want a set of the series with the least amount of tweaks and closest to the original network broadcasts, you have to get the VHS sets. It's changes like that that annoy me, but, like I said, they're present on the DVD and the bluray versions.
OK Thnks very much for the information.
I sucker that I am bought almost every version of TOS as they came out including the VHS (long gone) and want to think that at least I have the best version somewhere in my library. LOL. So the clamshells and bluray seem to be OK and not full of the mysterious cuts that I've been thinking.

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CommishSleer wrote: View Post
This is very unscientific of me but I'm playing the 1999 double episode DVD Tholian Web against the 2004 unremastered Tholian Web DVD on two computers.

The double episode DVD I have is region 1 and the later version is Region 4 which shouldn't make any difference.
The players on the different computers say that the 1999 version is 50.0 minutes while the 2004 version is 48:13.
The region matters very much. Region 4 includes countries which use PAL, region 1 is NTSC. The native framerates of the two standards are different, PAL has a well known ~4% speedup applied to content that originated from film. Hence why your 2004 copies run time is a little bit shorter. However, nothing is cut.

50 mins (Region 1) x 4% = 2 mins, which is what you see in the Region 4 run time: ~48 mins.
Thanks for the good explanation. I was getting paranoid there.
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