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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Had the 1st issue loving it but 240 a year is expensive and the magazine is only 18 pages long. But I'm nor moaning to much the the die cast model is pretty good better than jonny lightning or futura ships ?? IMO anyway.

I've decided to choose and pick which ones i want !!! But might even subscribe yet as well waiting for issue 2 see what the movie E looks like ???
US price is $20 per issue. ($40 per month = $480 per year) Which is about the average price of a Blu-ray. So I figure if you can afford 2 Blu-rays per month, then this collection ain't bad. Hell, I spend around $600 per month or so on Blu-rays, CDs, Facebook Credits, and Google Play (Android) purchases. So I just have to budget in that extra $40.

Have you guys seen Issue #7 Klingon K'Tinga?

Issue #6 Voyager doesn't look too bad either.
I'm loving that D7 !!! I can hear that motion picture soundtrack in my head !!!!
That green blooded son of a bitch !!!!
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