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Re: Kick-Ass 2 -Movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics. ect.

Well, it was a good movie, but I had some serious fundamental problems with the changes they made from the comic. Kick-Ass is supposed to be basically be a loser, but the movie is ripped and muscular and heroic and gets to nail the hottest girl in school AND a super hero AND Hit Girl kisses him at the end? Isn't that kind of defeating the entire point of this story as an anti-comic book story?

And his other best friend is directly responsible for his father being murdered, but nobody ever mentions this at the ending?

Mother Russia was awesome though. Her fight with Hit-Girl was great.

It's too bad they didn't just make a more faithful adaptation. The story as-is was hilarious and good.

So, are we to assume that Night Bitch was NOT gang-raped by a group of super villains then? They show her in the hospital but don't really say...
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