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Re: Eccleston turned down chance to be in 50th Anniversary story

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That's your opinion. A celebrity DOES owe something to the fans or they wouldn't be celebrities.
See, there's your problem right there. Eccleston doesn't see himself as a celebrity and doesn't want to be one. He's an actor. That's how he sees himself. An actor who likes taking on new challenges.

How hard is THAT to understand. It's a selfish position (unless he was abused by the people who are there NOW, not then). Sorry, they wouldn't have their fame, money or ability to pick roles they like without the fans.
He was doing just fine before Doctor Who. He may not have been Tom Cruise, but he was working a lot before Who and plenty after Who. It seems more like his talent has gotten what he wants, rather than fanboys.

You don't seem to understand that and neither does Chris.
It's interesting you think YOU understand... perhaps you don't?

There are a few other reasons why it would be acceptable to give the fans the finger
Eccleston, from what I have read, as always been very nice to fans. He doesn't want to a job.

and that would be 1, the pay the producers offered was too low or 2, a scheduling conflict.
Because desire isn't important? He works, he's happy, he likes taking on challenges...

Most actors agree that it's thanks to the fans that they are where they are.
Eccelston has always been nice to fans, and one could argue that while Who raised the awareness of his name, he has chosen not to become a celebrity grabbing at every role. It might be called: intergrity.

Why do you thing RDJ is coming back as Iron Man?

He doesn't need the money.
I bet if Marvel asked for a pay cut, he would refuse to come back. So much for your "doing it for the fans"....

He said he didn't want to disappoint the fans (and have someone else replace him, for now).
All CE had to give up was maybe...maybe 2 or 3 weeks to film a few scenes and get paid.

Sorry, celebs do owe it to the fans (to a certain extent).
Sigh. He.... screw it... I've said it already.
Batman does not eat nachos.
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