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Re: Making a Star Trek series that fits in with today's TV landscape

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A show cannot revolve around the needs of one or two fans, it has to reach a wide audience and I think today's audience likes shows with ongoing stories.
Actually today's audience likes either shows with ongoing stories or shows with single-episode stories. It's definitely not a case of the former being more popular than the latter since the latter is actually more prevalent on U.S. television. Don't get me wrong, there are indeed very successful shows with ongoing story/soap opera formats, but they are not the only kind of shows that are successful, and they do appeal a wide audience today.
Perhaps, but I would say those are the type of shows getting the most attention and critical praise.
Which of course, doesn't really matter as far as ratings go. While critical praise and spotlighting in a few magazines are nice, networks tend to look at how many people are actually watching their shows. In that regard, the serialized format is definitely not the only way to go since episodic shows are still very popular with today's audiences. In fact, there is no indication whatsoever that they've ever stopped being very popular.

I would say people care more about Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones rather then Law and Order and NCIS.
I would say how much people care about a show is equal to how many people tune in to see it each week. In that capacity, you're going have to flip that statement around.
An ongoing story with various twists and turns creates more buzz then an episodic show does.
Don't think for a moment that episodic shows don't have their legions of followers. They may not spend all week on the internet talking/complaining about the latest episode of NCIS, but if 20 million of them tune in each week, they just represent a different kind of following (the less vocal, but larger in numbers kind).
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