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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Arturis of the Delta Quadrant.
B is for Beta Stromgren. Where Gomtuu went to commit suicide.
C is for Cyrus Redblock, archnemesis of Dixon Hill.
D is for Double Dumbass on You, well crafted colorful metaphor.
E is for the Enterprise-C.
F is for Feringinar rainy seasons. Apparently they last year round.
G is for Gary Mitchell.
H is for Hardly Noticeable, as in Worf's Gorch
I is for Ilia's accent.
J is for Jumja Stick, sticky and sweet.
K is for the Klingon D12 Bird-of-Prey, officially decommissioned around 2351 because of widespread defective plasma coils.
L is for Ligonian deathmatch.
M is for Mirror Universe, which is supposed to be an alternate universe, but their Captain O'Brien seems as nice as our Chief O'Brien.
N is for Nanoprobe Injection Tubules.
O is for Open Impulse Vent. Through which the cloud creature gained entry into the ship's ventilation system. So the ship's impulse engines are connected to the shipwide ventilation system?
P is for Pakled pulchritude.
Q is for Quark's... You should come, it's fun!
R is for Romulan Ale....still illegal four or five years after the Federation and Romulans joined forces as allies in the Dominion War.
S is for Seven of Nine's........well.....Everything!
T is for the Tellurians, yet another T race that sounds kinda like all the others.
U is for uniforms for male captains that always seem to be too fragile. They always rip. I'd like to see a female uniform rip that severely.
V is for Valeris and her participation in the Gorkon and Khitomer assassination plots.
W is for Water Turbine Section. The rollercoaster scene from ST09.
X is for X^n + Y^n = Z^n, where n is greater than 2
Y is for the Yang struggle against the Kohms.
On Halloween Night the Great Temporal Pumpkin rises out of his chroniton patch and flies through space with his bag of new timelines for all the children.

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