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Re: It's that time again: Smartphone upgrade!

So apparently the Sony rep had come into the store not long before we got there, because they were pushing the Xperia, a pretty good phone. Gorilla glass, waterproof, and 5" screen, quad core 1.5 ghz cpu. I didn't really need to see the salesman's Xperia while in the shower though, but there was that. My wife chose that one. They almost swayed me because apparently my battery was water damaged from my gym sweat...but I wound up getting the GalaxyS4, and so far it's the best phone I've had or tried out. Really happy with it. In particular, the radio seems to get much better reception than my last phone. LTE has come to my area and although I'm on the outer fringes most of the time, I look forward to trying that out too.
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