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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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^^^ Indeed. She wanted to play the game and act tough with Walt, threatening his business. I guess I'm a little less sympathetic over her death and Walt's non-involvement with it. She was a junkie and she reaped what she sowed at different levels. If Walt hadn't been there, the outcome would still have been the same.
Technically that's not true. When Walt touched Jesse to check if he was okay, Jane rolled over from her side onto her back. If she had been on her side she would have been fine.

A lot of you are talking about the characters like they are changing. Walt getting worse, Jesse getting better. I see them as both being the same people they were at the beginning. Only Walt lost his inhibitions when he first got cancer, and since then the only thing he lost bit by bit was his rationalizations and conceits about it. Jesse is still the sensitive, directionless loser who loves children and whose only sense of pride comes from craftsmanship he was from the beginning.

In the final six episodes characters are just going to continue to be themselves in the situations they find themselves in. Walt is going to act like a character in Sergio Leone Western. If somebody he likes is being held prisoner by a drug cartel, he's going to blow the crap out of that drug cartel if it kills him.

I hope the ending isn't karmic. I don't want Breaking Bad to teach me a lesson, I want the ending to be a logical result of the situation and all the characters' behavior.
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