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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

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And those who profess "you haven't watched Star Trek until you've seen it on Blu-Ray" border on offensive.
And no where have I said that.
No, you didn't, but it was said upthread.

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IMO, until you've seen Trek in HD, you haven't really ever seen Trek.
At the risk of seeming over sensitive this pricked me the wrong way.
I didn't find it offensive, but to me it seems to say if you're financially unable to convert to Blu-Ray, you're not a Star Trek fan. And since I can't afford to upgrade to Blu-Ray, ergo... It doesn't seem to matter that when I did have a disposable income, I was buying the VHS episodes in blocks of ten as they were released. But that's unimportant because I can't afford Blu-Ray. The worst I can say is the comment was unintentionally insulting. I live on about 15k a year, from disability benefits. A long time from the days when I was making 40k.
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