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Re: Yeoman Tonia Barrows

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When she left the show they simply crossed out her name in the scripts and had a 'yeoman of the week'

By production order Rand's last episode was #13 "Conscience..."
#14 was Galileo--featuring a one-shot yeoman
#17 was Shore Leave--featuring a one shot yeoman
#18 was Squire --------featuring a one-shot yeoman
#22 was A Taste of----featuring a one shot yeoman

I've also heard that 'Dagger' was originally written for Rand, coming along as just a yeoman rather than 'specialist in criminology' but they were already having 2nd thoughts about the ongoing relationship. The episode refers to the previous 'Christmas party'--which seems like it would be more of a Rand type reference.
Yep. Whitney herself calls "Dagger of the Mind" and "The Galileo Seven" her "least favourite episodes".

Early script treatments for episodes such as "The Trouble with Tribbles" and "City on the Edge of Forever" presumed that Rand would still be with the show.
Yes, I remember reading that article many years ago where she stated those scripts were written for Rand and I have little doubt that several of the following were as well.

I guess i am in the minority--I don't think Whitney was that good, but i do wish they had featured more yeoman as the series went on.
I far prefer how they featured the crew in general in season 1 over the last two.

Season one was the only true ensemble season. showing the same 4 2nd string characters at their familiar stations on the bridge each episode doesn't make a show an 'ensemble'.
Any more than the black guy in the 'cage' with danny devito on Taxi made him part of an ensemble.

The first 15 episodes of TOS featured the crew at rest, the arboretom, the gym, the rec room, Mcgivers painting, Uhura singing, mentioned a 'bowling alley', the crew watching a play, the crew playing chess, mentioned a thanksgiving dinner, a christmas party---even the briefing room conferences got fewer and farther between.

The crewperson guest players in season one were far more common and important---Riley, Bailey, McGivers, Stiles, Boma, Lt Masters, Kelowitz, DeSalle, Barrows, Finney, Giotto and of course Uhura, Sulu & Chapel's part had actual meat to them instead of "aye, sir warp factor 5" and "hailing frequencies open" and "yes , doctor"

I know i am one of the very few who far prefer this aspect of the show to the "BIG THREE" sparing and arguing and beaming down alone as became more and more prevelant as the show wore on.

How many times in season 3 does the 'landing party' consist of Kirk/Spock/Mccoy ? ugh.
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