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Re: Ships of the Line 2014

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Great idea! Probably the easiest way is to open a specific thread, something like "Picture the Novelverse!". Do you feel up to it?
How would people like it set up ?

Without wanting to overcomplicate it, there's ships and characters - would you want separate threads ?

How would we separate 'accepted' images such as used on novel covers, Memory Beta stuff or authors sketches from speculative fan produced stuff ?

Should group images by asking people to post on a particular subject (i.e. The Voyager Fleet) before moving onto another topic ?
I agree with wish to not overcomplicate it. As such, I suggest to focus on the artistic effort rather than imposing limits. Mix it, baby!
That's two votes for just starting it and leaving it to run - I'm the other one !

I'll await any other comments and probably start a thread sometime in the next 24 hours.
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