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Re: Family is thinking about moving to Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

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I never even heard of Macedonia until now.

Probably analogous to someone from Europe not being able to ramble off all 50 states.
But we sure have heard of them all.
I talked someone here in the states yesterday, mentioned I would be traveling to Bismarck and Fargo for work stuff next week.


You know, those two cities in North Dakota.

Never heard of it.

I take it he doesn't get out much.
Some Americans, oddly, can't name all the states. However, I'd still argue it's far more important to name a sovereign nation than a state. While I can name all American states (and all Canadian Provinces), but I can't name all Mexican states, French Departments, or Italian regions. I don't think knowing those is equivalent to knowing a country like Macedonia (now, if Yugoslavia were still around, that would be different. Then you wouldn't need to know it).
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