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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Future's End

Not the episode I thought, but I really enjoyed it. Part 2 was actually the episode I discovered I'd missed the start of Season 3, I remember seeing them in modern day and being bemused how that worked because the Eugenics War was meant to be raging. This time that didn't bother me, mainly because I know Greg Cos explains that with his books, a series I have down as one I really need to pick up at some point, as well as Christopher Bennett's Department of Temporal Investigations, which this show could be a prime candidate for a book.

Everyone in the crew got some good time on this, except maybe Neelix, though Harry giving him busy work watching TV was a good touch, and came in useful. I felt it was good use of a character who doesn't have a proper job during an emergency like this.

Did they really just leave old Braxton there?
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