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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

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And those who profess "you haven't watched Star Trek until you've seen it on Blu-Ray" border on offensive.
And no where have I said that.
No, you didn't, but it was said upthread.

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IMO, until you've seen Trek in HD, you haven't really ever seen Trek.
At the risk of seeming over sensitive this pricked me the wrong way.
Yes, it does make you seem over-sensitive. A jump from 420 to 1080, whether you see it or not, is a much bigger jump than the jump from VHS to DVD, and means you literally haven't seen all the show if you haven't seen it in blu-ray (or on 35mm film, of course.) If pointing that out offends you, I don't really know what to say.

We can agree to disagree on the TOS BD sets. But I think we're both TOS purists at heart and probably have more in common than not.
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It's a question of personal cost/benefit. It's better, but is it x-number of dollars better? That's going to vary depending on the individual.
Well that part I certainly get. What I don't get is this outright pooh-poohing of the Blu-ray sets.
They look better. Already said that. I just don't care. Why is that hard to understand? Not everyone cares about the same things. If they make them 3-d, that might be a big enough thing for me to want.
The difference with that is that 3D is adding something to the show that was never there before, whereas the HD transfer is allowing viewers to see what was always there in the show but limited TV and broadcasting tech never allowed us to see before. For a purist like me, I wouldn't bother with 3D. I'm not down with changes just for the sake of changing things.
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I just don't understand your position at all.
I'm happy with the DVD sets I have (circa 2006 or thereabouts). I can't justify spending the money to buy something yet again for a little extra resolution.

What I have presently satisfies we whenever I want to watch a TOS episode and they're sufficient whenever I need a screencap for one of my photomanips. TOS is my favourite overall series ever, but I draw the line when it comes to expressing my fan interest. Speaking only for myself it's folly to spend money for something I already have and for little gain. If I didn't already have the DVD sets or they were stolen or lost somehow (heaven forbid) then it would make sense to get the Blu-Ray sets even though I have no interest in TOS-R. But as it stands I don't have the incentive or justification to spend that money.
Okay, that I get. I'm actually right there with you. I haven't bothered with the TNG sets, even though I'm impressed with them. I don't really feel like I need to own movies anymore, what with streaming services and Netflix to rent disks from, other options I can take advantage of for a fraction of the cost. I think the TNG footage I've seen looks fantastic, although in TNG's case they are actually recreating the show, whereas TOS was simply transferred in HD. That satisfies a purist like me, though I know it wasn't possible for TNG.
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Does anyone know if they created the remastered episodes from the original 35mm? or from the DVDs produced in 1999 or 2004?
They went back to the 35mm film masters and made new tranfers.

I'm thinking that both the 1999 and 2004 versions have pieces cut out to fit in an hour broadcast but I don't really know. I would like to get the most complete version of TOS that I can.
Nope, they were not cut for the bluray. There were, however, things added to the show for the DVDs (annoying little additions like the ship engine rumble, which was not present in most episodes originally) that were, unfortunately, retained for the bluray. If you want a set of the series with the least amount of tweaks and closest to the original network broadcasts, you have to get the VHS sets. It's changes like that that annoy me, but, like I said, they're present on the DVD and the bluray versions.

People complain about "The Cage" cuts, but AFAIK, it's because this is the actual version of the episode which aired on television. The aired version of the episode should be the one included. It didn't air until 1988, but it did air, and is appropriately placed at the end of the set (since it was the last TOS episode to air). But it doesn't matter anyway, because the full longer release -- the one with mixed B&W and color footage -- is also included in the bluray set as an extra feature (along with the original version of the second pilot, WNMHGB, which was different from the aired version). So nothing's lost.
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